Wild Boar Hunting

razorback wild boar Nothing beats the pure adrenaline rush of going one on one with a big wild boar.

Come challenge the fierce temper of a Russian or Razorback wild boar. Our boar herd is carefully managed to allow only the best trophies to be taken.

Nature has provided Wilderness Hunting Lodge with hills, hollows, thickets, and more hills making it ideal for the wild boar habitat and hunt.

Our guides take you into a choice area, place you on a stand, stay with you or leave you alone, the choice is yours. Then the guides will bring you back to the camp for lunch and a rest period. Then it's back to the wild for the evening hunt.

big russian wild boarDogs are used if the hunters request them. Our professional guides are always within your immediate area should the need arise. They'll help you field dress or do it for you, whichever you prefer. They will also bring your kill back to the camp for you.

The choices are almost endless when choosing a hunt at Wilderness Hunting Lodge. We're confident we have the best trophy hunting available back by our "NO KILL - NO PAY" policy.

Wild boar hunting in tennesseeBig Boar - Hunt With Dogs

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